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Tap2Tag Medical Wristbands

    We are super excited about launching this amazing Wristband VERY SOON !!!                   You and I both know how important it is for our Allergy children to wear something, which would generally be a wristband, so that everybody they come into contact with like Teachers, […]

Airvax Air Purifier

We all struggle with Hayfever (airborne allergies) in our house and we live in Cape Town, which means during change of season and then generally throughout summer, we suffer badly with allergies because the wind blows continuously. What causes Hayfever? Hay fever is a type of allergic reaction. It happens when pollens and other particles in the […]

Allergy Friendly Restaurants

  Summer and Holidays for most means more eating out, which under normal circumstances is a lovely thought. However when you have to take food allergies and intolerances into account it can make going on holiday seem like an endless nightmare !! We did a bit of research and found a few restaurants who claim […]

Disney Healthy Living Competition

ENTER NOW AND WIN THIS STUNNING DISNEY HAMPER !!!   We are so excited to be working with Disney Healthy Living. The Festive season is upon us and now more than ever parents are looking for ideas to cut down on sugar!!! Check out Disney Healthy Living and this great article on how to cut down on […]

Hayfever Season

  Unfortunately “Allergy Season” does not only happen in Spring. We all know what Hayfever Season means but do you really know what is sending your nose into a streaming spiral and your eyes into a watering , make up running catastrophe ? Pollen is probably the main seasonal allergen that causes the most “Hayfever” […]

Myths of Allergy Testing

  We are by no means medical professionals but what we are, are Mom’s who have children with allergies!! My youngest was dairy allergic, soy intolerant and borderline immune deficient as a baby, most of which she has outgrown with a bit of help and my one twin is severely gluten intolerant. Chantal, my Partner’s […]

Travelling with an Allergykid

Travelling with an Allergy Kid We were super lucky to be taken away on holiday to Mauritius with my Husband’s entire immediate family. Never mind super lucky, probably more like super spoilt! Now I am a pretty organised person and the last time we travelled overseas it was with my little one who was dairy […]

Interview with our first Superhero

For anyone, no matter how big or small, being diagnosed with a diabetes is life changing. It means a massive change in lifestyle and simple pleasures that you once enjoyed at will, are no longer available to you. Birthday parties, sleep overs and school outings can be scary and challenging. We at Allerygkids are so […]

Thinking about buying a family pet, Allergy Friendly Dogs do exist

You wouldn’t disown a family member over allergies, but many families forego their puppy parenting dreams to keep the family allergy free. Not all dog breeds trigger watery eyes and sneezes, however; some shed less, have less dander or don’t have any fur at all! If you love animals but hate allergies, you may be […]

Diabetes Awareness Month – November

Babys & Beyond

  We are very proud to be associated with the Babys & Beyond Publication and lucky enough to write an article for their latest magazine. See our Article below and please take a look at their amazing publication at www.babysandbeyond.co.za.  

Allergy Season

Allergy Season is upon us…Hayfever, Hayfever & more Hayfever…. So Spring is just around the corner and I have seriously mixed emotions about it….. I love that there is a festival of colour everywhere with all the flowers popping up, the new leaves on all the trees and the fact that Summer is around the […]

Allergy Kids Wristbands

                      The first step to safety is AWARENESS. As parents of children with Allergies, all we want is for our children to be able to have fun and enjoy life like other children, however this is not as easy as it sounds. It means carrying […]

How much Protein is enough

  When I found out that Jess was dairy allergic, I’m not going to lie……I panicked !!! I mean seriously what do you feed a child if you can’t give her milk or cheese or yoghurts !!! So I cried a little and then I realised that I need to do some serious research and […]


  I don’t think I’m alone in this….in fact I know I’m not alone in this……I HAVE FUSSY EATERS !!! So to combat this and get them to eat more fruit and veg, I do my best to find a little bit of time to make “SURPRISE SUPPERS/LUNCHES” for my girls. As soon as I […]