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ADD /ADHD Part 1

Hi everyone, I had a request to do some research on ADD/ADHD and shew there is a lot out there! I think I’m going to do this in two parts as there is so much information that you’ll get terribly bored reading everything in one fowl swoop ! I have added something exciting that I […]

Eczema and Acornkids

We’ve been live for 7 days now and I have had a wonderful response. Thank you everyone for all the encouragement. Last week I went to my first ALLSA (Allergy Society) which was very interesting and I am proud to say that I understood most of what was discussed. That I’ll however save for another […]

Welcome to Allergykids.co.za

This being my first blog ever, I just wanted to say Welcome to my website !! It’s been a tough journey to get here, not because the website took ages to develop (that in actual fact was done at record speed  J Thank you 6AM) No, I say a tough journey, because from 4 weeks […]