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We are super excited about launching this amazing Wristband VERY SOON !!!


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You and I both know how important it is for our Allergy children to wear something, which would generally be a wristband, so that everybody they come into contact with like Teachers, Sports coaches, friends parents are all made aware of their allergies.

AWARENESS is key when it comes to allowing our children to go to school and play without the constant worry of whether or not they are going to be fed something they shouldn’t eat or be in contact with an allergen of any sort.

Our new Tap2Tag Wristbands take AWARENESS to a whole new level and in fact not only allergy sufferers should be wearing them, ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE should be !!!

How it works :

  1. Once you purchase your wristband for a once of fee, you register it online and create your medical profile.
  2. Each wristband is embedded with an NFC capable chip. This NFC chip is what allows a responder to access your Medical info in time of need. For more info click here.
  3. In an emergency, anyone with a mobile phone can Tap their phone to your wristband or use the code on the inside of the band to access your emergency information. Your medical profile, with all the details you would like the responder to see including your Emergency contact’s details, will pop up on the responders phone.
  4. The responder will also be able to call the Emergency services number you have put into your medical profile. For example, we would put our Medical Aid Emergency number so that the responder can immediately call for medical backup.
  5. An sms will also be sent to your Emergency contact number to notify them that your profile has been activated.
  6. With all your emergency information on hand, the responder will therefore be better prepared to assist you or your loved one.

A few Reasons why we should all wear a wristband :

  1. Your child is going to a playdate or school outing and you want everyone he/she comes in contact with, to know that they have allergies eg. Bee Sting allergy or a food allergy.
  2. You or your child has Diabetes. This is not only important for your child so that all other care givers can be made aware but if you are in any sort of accident and not able to communicate with emergency services, they will need to know that you are on chronic medication.
  3. You are in an accident and are allergic to penicillin. It is the most broadly used antibiotic used to treat and prevent infection.
  4. You are the caregiver of non-communicative adult or child and are in an accident and are unable to communicate your responsibilities or their circumstances.
  5. You or your child have Epilepsy and are in an environment where people are not familiar with the symptoms or you are in an accident and they need to know what chronic medication you are on.
  6. You or your child has Asthma and have an attack during a sports practice or gym class.
  7. You are on chronic medication for any sort of condition and are in an accident or collapse as a result of your condition. Your wristband will be able to relay all the necessary information the responders will require to treat you.
  8. You have a relative or child that has a condition that renders them non-communicative, the wristband will assist if you are ever separated from them.
  9. You have a family member that has alzheimers and could find themselves in a setting where people are not familiar with their symptoms.
  10. You are participating in a Sporting event and have an accident, the wristband would provide critical information so that you are treated quickly.

When timing is critical and seconds count, the Tap2Tag wristband will ensure that you and your family members are treated according to your specific needs and preferences, which can make the world of difference in an emergency situation. It also means that your Emergency contacts can be notified immediately.

For more information on these Life saving devices that will provide peace of mind, you can contact me at bonnie@allergykids.co.za.


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