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We were very excited when we were asked to review two Therific Naturals Magnesium sulphate bath products and just in the nick of time.

The reason for that was my one 10 year old twin girl had contracted a stock standard Upper Respiratory Tract Viral infection which theoretically should have been over in two or three days with nothing by some symptomatic treatment for the blocked nose. However this was not the case.

I was called to collect her from school at lunch time on the Wednesday with a Fever. I kept her home from school on the Thursday and by lunch time the fever had broken and she was back to her normal self. I monitored her through the night and she was right as rain on Friday morning (or so we thought). She however complained of a sore calf muscle, which I must add is not uncommon in our household due to all the sport they do. I said I would rub her out that night which would under normal circumstances have relieved the sore muscle.

When I collected her form school, her right calf was sore now as well which I thought was a bit strange but again said I would give her a massage which I did. She woke up on Saturday morning in agony and by lunch time on Saturday she could barely walk. Her calves had completely seized which was no ringing seriously alarm bells. I did a bit of research and contacted my GP as I suspected she had contracted Myositis from the virus.

Myositis refers to any condition causing inflammation in muscles. Weakness, swelling, and pain are the most common myositis symptoms.

The most common causes of Myositis is a Viral infection.

In a nutshell, instead of the Body’s Immune system attacking the virus, it attacks the muscles in the body and in Benign acute myositis, it’s more commonly the calf muscles.

It was very scary because my usually very active child had gone from absolute fine to barely being able to walk. We monitored her through the night to ensure that her breathing/swallowing was not affected. If there was any change in those we have to rush her to an Emergency room. Thankfully she was fine but was literally walking on crutches by the next morning. Our GP checked her over and we had blood tests done on the Monday morning to test her Muscle enzymes. Under normal circumstances the max should be around 148 and hers were over 1900 which meant her entire system was now under massive amounts of stress to try and clear her body of those enzymes.

My poor child literally went from a child who was doing two Sports a day comfortably to doing absolutely nothing. She was in agony and her body was exhausted.

Bring on Kiddy-Calm. It is very well known throughout the Sporting Industry that Magnesium Sulphate aids in reducing muscle inflammation and ridding the body of toxins, which is exactly what we needed to do for Kiara. I had just started using normal Epson salts which was fine but I had to rinse her off after soaking in it as it leaves a residue.

Kiddy-Calm however smells absolutely amazing, dissolves easily and even creates the most amazing bubbles so she didn’t get bored lying in the bath for 15mins.

Not only did the Kiddy-Calm aid with reducing the inflammation it also helped reduce the toxins from the excessive amounts of Muscle enzymes that were produced from the myositis. The other bonus was that it helped her sleep. Kiara is super fit and because she had gone from two sports a day to absolutely nothing, she wasn’t using nearly enough energy during the day so we started a vicious cycle where she couldn’t fall asleep at night.

Thanks again to Kiddy-calm it relaxed her enough to help her sleep.

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The Short Version:

Our bodies require many minerals for optimal health. Two of the most important minerals are Magnesium and Sulphate. Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory, is required for the production of Seretonin ( the happy hormone ) and is also required for the absorption of Omega’s and Calcium. Sulphate is what our bodies use to break down artificial additives and toxins that are consumed from foods we eat. Increasing our Sulphate levels triggers a detox and rids the body of artificial additives, reduces the toxic buildup and as such reduces hyper-activity, migraines and general stress and insomnia. Recommended from pregnancy, through baby, toddler, child and adults; our Magnesium Sulphate bath salts are sure to be enjoyed and alleviate most of your modern-day ailments.

A 2.5kg tub is approximately a month supply when used every day.  Scoop is provided inside with clear directions on the lid.

  • Kiddy-Calm ( Kids Range ) is a patent protected product that contains magnesium sulphate, SLS, perfume oil and colouring. (provides bubbles in the bath) Safe for all ages and regarded safe for all skin types. **
  • Pure-Thaim contains magnesium sulphate, Coconut oil,  perfume oil. ( NO bubbles in the bath )
  • Safe for all ages and suggested for sensitive skin, during pregnancy and for newborns.

** When in doubt regarding sensitive skin and eczema it is recommended that you start with Pure-Thaim and later progress to Kiddy-Calm.

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