Orgran Allergen Free Flour

With a child that is now dairy sensitive and another that is intolerant to Gluten, I needed to find an allergy free flour that I could not only bake with, but also make a white sauce with. Bring on Orgran Allergy Free Flour!

Creating Freedom

Well I delivered my first lot of wristbands to Synergy Pharmacy in Tokai yesterday and had a very promising meeting this week too, so it’s very busy but exciting times. I’m sure you are asking why I’ve named this article “Creating Freedom” and the reason is, I often look at other websites and wonder what […]


So having had Premature twin girls at 33 weeks, who couldn’t latch because they were too little and their suckling reflex hadn’t come in yet, I was very excited to give actual breastfeeding a bash with little Jessica. I did express and bottle feed my twins for 6 weeks but because the expressing doesn’t stimulate […]