Creating Freedom

Well I delivered my first lot of wristbands to Synergy Pharmacy in Tokai yesterday and had a very promising meeting this week too, so it’s very busy but exciting times.

I’m sure you are asking why I’ve named this article “Creating Freedom” and the reason is, I often look at other websites and wonder what made them choose their themes or colour schemes for their sites? So I thought I’d share my website idea with you.

As you know Jess is dairy allergic, Goats milk allergic, Soy intolerant and immune deficient which puts an enormous amount of restriction on what she can and can’t eat. Because of all of this I am constantly on the look out for healthy alternatives for her to eat without her feeling left out. I know it sounds bazaar that she could feel left out when she is only 19 months old, but with two perfectly healthy older sisters to learn from, she has already started noticing that not all of her food looks like theirs.

A perfect example was when we were driving home from Plett and I gave Kiara and Abi a Coco Pops breakfast bar to eat. Jess started performing and I offered her almost everything in her snack bag but she didn’t want any of it. Then it suddenly dawned on me, she wanted a something that looked like what they were eating. THANKFULLY, I had found Organix Goodies cocoa and raisin bars, so I rolled the paper down just like her sisters and gave it to her. Believe it or not, she gave it a good once over…ha ha ha but luckily for me, it was brown like the Coco Pop bars and she also had a wrapper around hers so she was HAPPY. SHEW, because it was a long enough drive without any food dramas.

This was exactly why I designed my site, because ultimately I want to create Freedom for our allergy children to just be CHILDREN and not have to hear “No you cant have that” ALL the time. I made the decision that I would not disrupt my older girl’s diet because it was not their fault that they have a baby sister with allergies. I don’t think it’s fair that all of a sudden there is no chocolate or yoghurt or milkshake in the house because Jessie can’t have it and I also don’t think it’s fair that my poor baby has to try and understand that she can’t have all the lovely things her sisters can. SO my research started for alternative foods and I found a HEAP of information online from the US and UK and even Australia from other Mom’s that had found Yummy things for their allergic children, but nothing SA based.

Out of all of my research for Jess, my own site design started. When I think about freedom, I think about Summer holidays on the beach and bubbles and so out of that the blue and white theme with bubbles was born. And you thought I was going to come up with some Philosophical reason for my theme….ha ha ha. As you get to know me, you’ll see that I’m all about making things simpler especially because life is already too complicated for our kids as it is.

I am off to find some allergen free sweets and biscuits in the next few days and will report back as soon as I’ve researched and TESTED them OF COURSE ! Especially with Silly Season around the corner.

If you are looking for any alternatives, drop me a mail and I’ll do my best to find it or something as close as possible.

Chat soon


PS : I found something called Purity Goodies Strawberry Flavoured drink. It is dairy, soy, egg, gluten and nut free and tastes great in Jessie’s Organic Rice Milk. So VOILA we have milkshake in our house !!!

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  1. Thank you for all your ideas. My baby is also dairy and soy allergic since birth. We only discovered it around 5 mnths. we use similac hypoallergenic formula at R85 a small tin. But it works. I have been lokking for a margarine and saw your comment on the blog. Will try it today.
    Thanks and good luck.

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