Tap2Tag Medical Wristbands

    We are super excited about launching this amazing Wristband VERY SOON !!!                   You and I both know how important it is for our Allergy children to wear something, which would generally be a wristband, so that everybody they come into contact with like Teachers, […]

Sugar – how much is too much ?

                      So having celebrated Easter not so long ago and knowing how OTT I always go, I thought I’d do a little research because I have never had issues with my kids having a few sweets, but I am hearing more and more from parents about the […]

How much Protein is enough

  When I found out that Jess was dairy allergic, I’m not going to lie……I panicked !!! I mean seriously what do you feed a child if you can’t give her milk or cheese or yoghurts !!! So I cried a little and then I realised that I need to do some serious research and […]


  I don’t think I’m alone in this….in fact I know I’m not alone in this……I HAVE FUSSY EATERS !!! So to combat this and get them to eat more fruit and veg, I do my best to find a little bit of time to make “SURPRISE SUPPERS/LUNCHES” for my girls. As soon as I […]

3 unbeatable tips for coping with food allergies

  I’m constantly looking for new info and recipes all the time and I came across this great site/blog called Stonesoup! Jules Clancy is a qualified Food Scientist and a blogger that I have really come to enjoy. We all seem to focus on the negative side of food allergies because it is tough on […]

Anaphylaxis and how to treat it.

The more and more I chat to parents, the more it has become apparent there are a lot of you out there that know that your children have allergies but have no idea how they will react if they ingest the particular allergen that they are allergic to. I know how my baby will react […]

Allergen Free Birthday Party !!!

Hey there, As you get to know me through my blogging, you will soon  discover that I thoroughly enjoy a good party  and I LOVE to organise them even more. So with three daughters you can imagine how much fun I have with their parties. My twins are already 5 so I don’t really get […]

Allergy kids can still have fun

Allergy kids can still have fun !!! Having one child that is diagnosed with food allergies is tough enough on a family especially when neither of the parents suffer from any allergies. It means a complete lifestyle change depending on the severity of the allergy and then there is the possibility that the food allergy […]

ADD /ADHD Part 1

Hi everyone, I had a request to do some research on ADD/ADHD and shew there is a lot out there! I think I’m going to do this in two parts as there is so much information that you’ll get terribly bored reading everything in one fowl swoop ! I have added something exciting that I […]

Creating Freedom

Well I delivered my first lot of wristbands to Synergy Pharmacy in Tokai yesterday and had a very promising meeting this week too, so it’s very busy but exciting times. I’m sure you are asking why I’ve named this article “Creating Freedom” and the reason is, I often look at other websites and wonder what […]

Eczema and Acornkids

We’ve been live for 7 days now and I have had a wonderful response. Thank you everyone for all the encouragement. Last week I went to my first ALLSA (Allergy Society) which was very interesting and I am proud to say that I understood most of what was discussed. That I’ll however save for another […]