I don’t think I’m alone in this….in fact I know I’m not alone in this……I HAVE FUSSY EATERS !!! So to combat this and get them to eat more fruit and veg, I do my best to find a little bit of time to make “SURPRISE SUPPERS/LUNCHES” for my girls. As soon as I tell them to stay out of the kitchen, they know they are getting a fun meal and get very excited…..which makes a change for us, because we can sit at the table for an hour at a time…..not only do I have fussy eaters but I have SLOW eaters too !!!

Anyway….I am constantly trawling the internet for new ideas and so I thought I’d share them with you every Friday on our FUN FOOD FRIDAYS !!!

If you have any pics you would like to share, please feel free to share them with us all and mail it to me on

Enjoy !!!

Polar Bear

Shaun the Sheep


Beach party

Under the Sea

Pumpkin head

Jack O Lantern plate Pumpkin head


Orange Jacko Lanterns Spider Crackers

Pizza Fingers


Mummy Toast Halloween









Hot Air Balloon












Teddy Bears Picnic


Rainy Day


Tea Party






 Spring Day




Tropical Island





Nought & Crosses





























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