3 unbeatable tips for coping with food allergies


I’m constantly looking for new info and recipes all the time and I came across this great site/blog called Stonesoup! Jules Clancy is a qualified Food Scientist and a blogger that I have really come to enjoy.

We all seem to focus on the negative side of food allergies because it is tough on us as adults and even tougher on our kiddies but we are very quick to forget that we are actually very lucky in that we still have PERFECTLY NORMAL otherwise HEALTHY CHILDREN !!! And we should try and focus on that instead of the negatives of having an allergic child (as hard as that may be).

She made me realise this with her 3 unbeatable tips that I’ve put below :

1. focus on what you CAN eat
It’s amazing how a little change in perspective can open up endless possibilities and turn an overwhelming situation into a fun challenge. For my Dad, he already ate lots of meat and veg, so we focused on expanding these types of meals, rather than fiddling around with gluten-free pastas and the like.

And it was fun exploring new vegetables and cuts of meat. Much more empowering than feeling limited and deprived of so many foods.

2. learn some simple substitutes
When I first started running classes at the Stonesoup Virtual Cookery School, I wanted to make the lessons as allergy-friendly as possible. So I decided to include a list of options for substitutions to suit different allergies with each recipe. And the thing is that there’s pretty much always a substitute that will work. It’s surprising how most things work out.
So I’ve included a list below of my favourite substitutes to get you started.

3. be proactive
While most people will go out of their way to be as accommodating as possible for people with allergies, the more notice you can give, the easier it is for everyone. So make sure you remind your friends if they’re cooking for you, or call the restaurant in advance.

My gorgeous friend B is super allergic to pretty much all nuts (except peanuts) and chickpeas. We’re talking anaphylactic. But eating out with her is never a problem because she has little cards printed listing her allergies, and just gives it to the waiter and asks them to check with the kitchen that what we’ve ordered is OK. Too easy.

She also has a list of allergen substitutes to use when you are cooking and baking which I thought was fantastic !!!

Jule’s favourite allergen substitutes

grated parmesan cheese – grated brazil nuts
ricotta cheese – replace with crumbled tofu
cream – unsweeetend coconut cream
milk – soy milk / rice milk / coconut milk / unsweetened almond milk
cream / milk – if it’s liquid you’re looking for vegetable stock or chicken stock can work.

mayonnaise – make a tahini sauce instead with equal parts tahini, lemon juice and water.
mayonnaise – replace with a horseradish sauce or
in baking cakes – half a ripe mashed banana can work in place of eggs. This won’t work if you need to whisk egg whites.
boiled eggs – replace with another protein source such as cooked chicken or tofu.

wheat / gluten
bread – instead of wraps or bread for sandwiches, use iceberg lettuce leaves to ‘wrap’ your filling
flour – for baking cakes and things almond meal tends to work well.
breadcrumbs – use coarsely ground almonds or other nuts for coating in breadcrumbs
long pasta – make ‘noodles’ by shaving carrots or zucchini with a vegetable peeler.
long pasta – spaghetti squash
short pasta – chop cauliflower into bite sized pieces and
short pasta – use drained canned beans instead of pasta

quick nut switch – if someone is allergic to one type of nuts, but not others, you can usually just use a different nut.
crunch – when nuts are being added for crunch, try substituting another crunchy element – like toasted breadcrumbs, or finely chopped red onion or diced celery
protein and flavour – replace with pan-fried chickpeas or other canned beans.

Hope this helps your search for some “normality” in your kitchen….what ever that may be…ha ha ha !!!

Enjoy the rest of your week.

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