Allergen Free Birthday Party !!!

Hey there,

As you get to know me through my blogging, you will soon  discover that I thoroughly enjoy a good party  and I LOVE to organise them even more. So with three daughters you can imagine how much fun I have with their parties.

My twins are already 5 so I don’t really get too much say in what theme they want anymore but Jess is only turning 2 so I’m very excited about her 2nd Birthday party which is at the end of March.

I have decided to do a Tea Party and have been looking for allergy free food because as you know she is dairy allergic and Soy intolerant. I thought I would share some of the ideas I’ve found along the way.

Thankfully March is usually still fairly warm so I intend on doing some fruit kebabs with a difference and Jess loves Strawberries so I’m going to attempt to make dairy, soy free chocolate from scratch and do chocolate dipped strawberries. As soon as I’ve made it successfully, I will upload the recipe so watch this space.

How cute are this little flower garden and the straws are a safer alternative than using skewers for the little ones.

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