Allergen Free Birthday Party !!!

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As you get to know me through my blogging, you will soon  discover that I thoroughly enjoy a good party  and I LOVE to organise them even more. So with three daughters you can imagine how much fun I have with their parties.

My twins are already 5 so I don’t really get too much say in what theme they want anymore but Jess is only turning 2 so I’m very excited about her 2nd Birthday party which is at the end of March.

I have decided to do a Tea Party and have been looking for allergy free food because as you know she is dairy allergic and Soy intolerant. I thought I would share some of the ideas I’ve found along the way.

Thankfully March is usually still fairly warm so I intend on doing some fruit kebabs with a difference and Jess loves Strawberries so I’m going to attempt to make dairy, soy free chocolate from scratch and do chocolate dipped strawberries. As soon as I’ve made it successfully, I will upload the recipe so watch this space.

How cute are this little flower garden and the straws are a safer alternative than using skewers for the little ones.

A tea party just wouldn't be a tea party without cucumber sandwiches with their crusts off of course and thankfull all my girls love cucumber ;

How cute are these little flowers. Unfortunately cheese is not an option for us so we'll have to either some nice jam or honey with a few cake sprinkles for decoration.

There will also definitely be meringues as thankfully Jess is not egg allergic and they are such fun. To top off the very colourful table will be some mini Organ Allergen free “chocolate chip” muffins that contains no dairy or soy and a gorgeous allergen free cake which I’ve managed to persuade someone else to bake for me !!! Once it’s been seen and taste tested, I’ll be sure to share her details.

We can’t forget about the good old fashioned popcorn!!!

Now I don’t mind a bit of sugar floating around at a party but there are obviously some of your angels that just don’t tolerate it well. All is however not lost, because Caring Candies make the most delicious sugar free and preservative free lolly’s, candy canes, sweets and a whole lot more. Check them out on

Ok so that sorts the kids out… for the adults it will most definitely have to be scones and mini croissants and bagels and a few sweet items. Lots of bubbly for the ladies and beers for the boys of course. Yes I know it’s supposed to be a tea party and if it makes you feel any better we’ll drink the bubbly out of tea cups 😉

So there you have it…as for the décor well that will have to be a surprise….I’ll load lots of picks once the party is over !!!

If you have any ideas you would like to share with us, please feel drop me a message on my facebook fanpage or tweet me @AllergykidsBon.

Keep an eye on my Recipes page for new Allergen Muffins and a Vegan chocolate cake as well as Meringues.

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  1. Hi Bonnie,

    My daughter is allergic to the following:
    Fish, Soya, eggs, Dairy, Wheat , Nuts, Most seeds, Tartrazine

    She is having a tinkerbell party for her fourth birthday in February and can’t wait for your recipe book. I also loved the fruit kebabas and those flower biscuits, what did you use for stems on those?

    • Hi there,

      Tinkerbelle is such a fab theme !!! I used straws as the stems as they are safer than using kebab sticks. I’ll definitely keep you posted on our recipe book 😉 Let me know if you need any other help. Warm regards Bonnie

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