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We all struggle with Hayfever (airborne allergies) in our house and we live in Cape Town, which means during change of season and then generally throughout summer, we suffer badly with allergies because the wind blows continuously.

What causes Hayfever?

Hay fever is a type of allergic reaction. It happens when pollens and other particles in the air get into your nose and eyes and cause inflammation. It usually affects the nose, face, sinus passages, eyes and throat.

Seasonal hay fever (also known as seasonal allergic rhinitis) happens when your child has an allergy to pollens. These are small particles released into the air by particular grasses or trees at particular times in the year. Your child breathes these pollens in, and they irritate the lining of his eyes, sinuses and nasal passages.

Perennial hay fever (also known as persistent allergic rhinitis) happens all year round and can be caused by other triggers. These triggers could things like dust mites which are generally found in your bed, couches, carpets etc, animal fur or hair and mould spores.

What people don’t realise is that it can drastically affect the quality of life for a sufferer. Persistent symptoms and poor quality sleep can result in lethargy, poor concentration and behavioural changes and impact on learning in young children. Patients with allergic rhinitis also suffer from more frequent and prolonged respiratory infections, and asthma has been shown to be more difficult to control unless allergic rhinitis is also managed.

It’s not like a food allergy, where you can just avoid the food as it is in the air and everywhere. We do what we can with regards to dust mite and cleaning the mattresses and I have removed all the carpets in my house. I have a rug in each kids bedroom and the lounge but that is it. The pollen however is a whole different ball game.

I discovered air purifiers a long time ago at an Expo that I was a part of. So effectively, the vacuum sucks the air into the purifier and either filters it through water or a filter which then pumps the clean air back out again. At the start of the expo, the water was clear but half way through the morning, the water was grey. It was disgusting at how filthy the air was but it proved that the air purifier actually did work!

Since then, I have always had an air purifier that runs continuously throughout the day at home and have recently had the opportunity to try out one of Airvax Air purifiers. It was compact so it fitted perfectly on my kitchen counter and so quiet, that we did not even realise it was there. When I checked the filter it had turned from a brilliant white to a grey which proved without a shadow of a doubt that it was working. I can also tell straight away if my air purifier has been off as I struggle with itchy eyes and nose but as long as my purifier is running, I have greatly reduced symptoms.

With water restrictions upon us, it makes perfect sense to move to a filter purifier as apposed to a water filtration system. The Air Vax air Purifier that I used by Meaco can maintain a healthy living environment for  25 square metre spaces and has the following advantages :

  • The first among air purifiers that uses the patented SEFF (Static Electricity Film Filter) Clean System:   The SEFF filter cleans smaller particles from the air and has been independently proven to perform better than many other more expensive air purifiers. Click for more on SEFF – link to below in the page.
  • Traps smaller particles than a standard HEPA filter.  The SEFF system filters particles under .1um
  • Safe to use and is ideal for hospitals, nursery schools, day-care centres, at home or at work.
  • Great for those suffering from Allergies as the Airvax Air Purifier collects pollens, moulds, bacteria, MRSA, smells + allergens
  • Does not release particles back into the room once captured
  • Destroys bacteria and allergens in the filter
  • No production of ash as is found in some purification (Ionization) methods
  • Does not create Ozone
  • Very quiet… The Airvax also saves you money because power consumption is just a maximum of 5 watts
  • Filter replacement interval of up to 3 years, saving you a fortune in replacement filters.  The filter can be cleaned by vacuuming during its lifetime.

Airvax Air purifier



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