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The first step to safety is AWARENESS.

As parents of children with Allergies, all we want is for our children to be able to have fun and enjoy life like other children, however this is not as easy as it sounds. It means carrying around “Safe foods”, Allergy meds and worse case scenarios, Epi Pens.

Then there is school and playdates and parties….how on earth are we supposed to keep our children safe without saying no to EVERYTHING !!!

So the first step is to ensure that everyone around them is AWARE of their allergies, but you and I both know that as quickly as you tell someone that your child is allergic….they will no sooner forget.

With this in mind, I have Locally produced, Allergy Awareness wristbands for your precious kiddies to wear to school, playdates, parties etc. I know as a Mom with three busy girls, I need CONSTANT reminding, so this is what we hope to achieve with our Allergy Awareness wristbands. A Constant reminder for everyone involved in your child’s life, that they are ALLERGIC and that there are consequences if exposed to their allergens!!

They are blue and white, adjustable bands that suites & fits all, from ages as young as 15 months old to even myself !!!

Please take a look at our Allergykids Awareness wristbands page for the bands we currently stock in our range.

Here’s to a Safer environment for all our children.


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