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With Halloween lurking around the dark corner and it falling on a Friday this year, we will definitely be having a party after we have gone TRICK OR TREATING !!!

I have three gorgeous girls and when I was putting this post together, they helped me find the best ideas and quite possibly some of the most horrible looking ideas too…. so don’t be FOOLED, it’s not only boys who like the gruesome stuff…. so do the girls 

For the Adults we will be making a GOOD OLD SOUTH AFRICAN POTJIE. This is one of our absolute favourite recipes – http://www.potjiekosworld.com/poultry-potjie-recipes/chicken-cream-sauce-potjie/. There are also a huge variety of recipes so you can make them vegetarian or any variation you wish. Most of all though, I just love the idea that it is made in a what looks like a WITCH’S POT (insert Witch’s cackle here!!!)

Then there are obviously the kids I have found a few really stunning ideas that can be manipulated to be Allergen Free in many different ways and even HEALTHY !!!

To start, my girls love giving their friends little gifts all the time, so we have a choice of these two super cute ideas to put together for their friends, that are cheap and easy enough for the girls to do themselves. We are also going to put some cute Halloween jokes in them. You can download these free printables to save some time 

Halloween jokes & Ghost poop

Halloween jokes examples

Halloween Ghost poop





























Ghost Poop – Original post from http://www.cantstopmakingthings.com/2010/10/ghost-poop.html



Halloween Popcorn hands













Popcorn Halloween hands – I have found these Caring Candies Frutz sweets which I will be using as the “nails” of our Halloween hands. Check their website out at www.caringcandies.co.za.
Idea seen on Pinterest – could not trace the original post

Caring Candies












Halloween Hot dog fingers




















Halloween Fingers – Believe it or not these are Vienna’s (How totally gross are these )
– Slice a little section off the top of the Vienna to look like a nail and make little slits where the knuckles would be
– Add some tomato sauce, a roll and you are DONE !!!
– Could not trace original post.

Halloween cups















Monster Cups – Stick some googly eyes on cups and voila !!! Monster cups…cheap but so cool !!
– Pinterest idea could not trace original post.


Halloween Cheese monsters


















Cheese Monsters – These are Babybel cheeses which you can buy at most Stores.
– Original post from http://www.danyabanya.com/cheese-monsters/


Halloween Fruit platter with yoghurt and nutella dip






















Halloween Fruit platter with dip – Original post from http://www.kitchenfunwithmy3sons.com/2013/10/halloween-greek-yogurt-fruit-dip-and.html


Cracker Spiders













Cracker Spiders – Original Post from http://www.echoesoflaughter.ca/2012/10/a-spooky-snack.html

Fruit Spider















Fruit Spider – Original Post from http://www.kitchenfunwithmy3sons.com/2011/09/spooky-spider-snack.html

Fruit platter Jack O Lantern



















Jack O Lantern Fruit Platter – This is a nice easy but really cute one.
– Orange slices for the head of the Pumpkin, Grapes for the eyes and nose, Apple/Pear for the mouth and Green apple for the stalk.
– Original post from http://www.cleanandscentsible.com/2013/09/heathy-halloween-food-ideas.html

We hope you have as much fun making all these treats as much as we had fun finding them  We will definitely post some of our Halloween party pics 


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