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Family Movie night image 5Wow Winter is here and the school holidays are right here !!!

We thought we would put a fun Movie night post together because we will definitely be having a few of these in our house, snuggled on the couch, wrapped up in our warm blankets and cuddling with our loved ones.

First things first, you can’t have movie night without Popcorn. I have a popcorn maker at home so it’s super easy and it means I use plain corn and air pop it. No added anything to this popcorn unless I do the adding. It is one of our best investments as my kids love popcorn. I add it to their snack box for school, we have it as a snack before bedtime and then of course for movie night. For those of you though, who don’t have a popcorn maker, I found this pot popped corn recipe and it is fantastic !!!

Family Movie night image 4
























Then of course you need some hot chocolate !! Most of the store bought ones are loaded with sugar and all sorts of other stuff, so here is a great Allergy free recipe for you to try.

Family Movie night image 3














Now that may not be enough of a feast for you 🙂 We also don’t mind a bit of chocolate to nibble on, so I thought I’d add a few Allergen Friendly alternatives I have found :

Family Movie night image 6Caring Candies Allergen Free chocolate and sweets

Take a look at their website for their Allergen free sweet options




Family Movie night image 7Orgran is one of my favourite brands. Their products are free of most of the top allergens and they taste great. So if you are looking for some biscuits or pancakes or even chocolate mousse to add to your Movie night feast, why not try their range of goodies which are available at Dischem and Wellness Warehouse as well as a few other retailers.








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