Allergy Season

Allergy Season is upon us…Hayfever, Hayfever & more Hayfever….

So Spring is just around the corner and I have seriously mixed emotions about it…..

I love that there is a festival of colour everywhere with all the flowers popping up, the new leaves on all the trees and the fact that Summer is around the corner, however it also means Allergy season for me. Red eyes, beautiful pink runny nose, with the Allergy salute and if I don’t keep a handle on my post nasal drip, a spectacular barking cough !!!

With my property being tree-lined and me being absolutely clueless as to which trees they actually are, I thought it might be a good idea to see which of them are pollinating right now.

GUESS WHAT….All of them are….ha ha ha !!! Oh well, off to the pharmacy for me to stock up on my meds 😉

Here is the list of trees generally found in SA and when they generally pollinate.

Happy Hayfever Season !!!


Tree post page 1 Tree post page 2

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