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Allergy Free Movie Night

  Wow Winter is here and the school holidays are right here !!! We thought we would put a fun Movie night post together because we will definitely be having a few of these in our house, snuggled on the couch, wrapped up in our warm blankets and cuddling with our loved ones. First things […]

Allergy Awareness Week

  Allergy Week is celebrated around the world on various dates but we have chosen the 15th – 21st May 2016. Allergies are on the rise and no one knows the reasons why. Some say the “Hygiene Hypothosis is a factor in the increase of Food Allergies and others are saying that Climate change is […]

World Asthma Day

                  Asthma Basics and Exercising What is Asthma? Asthma is a lung condition which affects the airways that carries air in and out of the lungs.  People with asthma have sensitive/inflamed airways that become irritated and swollen when certain “trigger” elements, like pollen and pet dander or […]

Thinking about buying a family pet, Allergy Friendly Dogs do exist

You wouldn’t disown a family member over allergies, but many families forego their puppy parenting dreams to keep the family allergy free. Not all dog breeds trigger watery eyes and sneezes, however; some shed less, have less dander or don’t have any fur at all! If you love animals but hate allergies, you may be […]

Allergy Free Easter

Due to many requests on our Facebook page and through our website, We have put together a few ideas for Easter.                                                                     […]

Emergency Action Plan

  Back to School Tips When Your Child Has Food Allergies Most children with food allergies are happy and attend school safely every day. That safety and happiness is the result of planning and persistence. A key to success is to work cooperatively with the school to form a partnership that will support your child […]

Diabetes Awareness Month – November

Babys & Beyond

  We are very proud to be associated with the Babys & Beyond Publication and lucky enough to write an article for their latest magazine. See our Article below and please take a look at their amazing publication at  

Baba Indaba


  With Halloween lurking around the dark corner and it falling on a Friday this year, we will definitely be having a party after we have gone TRICK OR TREATING !!! I have three gorgeous girls and when I was putting this post together, they helped me find the best ideas and quite possibly some […]

Allergy Season

Allergy Season is upon us…Hayfever, Hayfever & more Hayfever…. So Spring is just around the corner and I have seriously mixed emotions about it….. I love that there is a festival of colour everywhere with all the flowers popping up, the new leaves on all the trees and the fact that Summer is around the […]

Allergy Kids Wristbands

                      The first step to safety is AWARENESS. As parents of children with Allergies, all we want is for our children to be able to have fun and enjoy life like other children, however this is not as easy as it sounds. It means carrying […]